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From Well-Meaning to Well-Being

July 22, 2021 Reset Hub Season 2 Episode 5
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From Well-Meaning to Well-Being
Show Notes

In this episode, Dan and Shabba discuss what it takes to move from well-meaning (good intentions) to well-being (taking action).
 As many of us trudge through more lockdown restrictions we can sometimes fall into a rut and not even realise we are doing it.

It is easy for bad habits to start creeping in, especially when we have additional stressors in our life to deal with, such as lockdowns, home schooling and uncertainty. You might not even notice the little things starting to change. All of a sudden you notice it is harder getting back into the good routines that you were once so easily able to achieve. 
 You are not alone. It can happen to anyone, and we are not exempt. 
Listen as Dan explains how he found his way back into well-being after a bout of the flu and other personal challenges. 

How many times have you set yourself a goal to eat better, do more exercise, or start a new creative project, only to get side swiped by a bad night's sleep, or an attack of lethargy? Sound familiar? You know what you should be doing, but can't shake the negative thinking and apathy.

So what is the answer and how can you go from well-meaning to well-being?

We discuss how to do CPR on your well-being from a physical, emotional, and mental point of view and explore some steps you can take to get back to the real you. 

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