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Reset Your Health and Habits with Amy Mitchell

January 06, 2021 Reset Hub Season 1 Episode 10
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Reset Your Health and Habits with Amy Mitchell
Show Notes

This timely episode is perfect for those of us who intend to be healthier and fitter in 2021.
Our guest, Amy Mitchell, an exceptional fitness & nutrition coach who runs a successful business in Sydney called Goddess Outdoor Fitness.  Amy shares her insights and stories as well as busting some popular myths and trends.

In our conversation, we explore topics such as: how to manage your mindset and approach to self-care and well-being in challenging times.  We explore ways to;

  • manage your energy levels
  • set achievable goals
  • make healthy choices and 
  • avoid procrastination.  

Amy also gives some great advice about how to create new habits and routines that are sustainable and achievable in the long-term.

This podcast will give you the boost you need to pop on your trainers and get into action.

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