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Who Do You Think You Are?

November 22, 2020 Reset Hub Season 1 Episode 8
Reset Hub
Who Do You Think You Are?
Show Notes

The latest episode from Reset Hub is all about self-awareness and the important role it plays in emotional intelligence.  Siobhan and Dan explore the many benefits of self-awareness and discuss the merits of several diagnostic tools.

Being aware of your personality preferences, beliefs, values and strengths can make life easier and more enjoyable. Having the capacity to recognize your emotional triggers, gives you the freedom to choose how to respond. This awareness also helps us grow and connect with people at a deeper level.

The Who Do You Think You Are? episode, challenges you to consider your personal strengths and preferences as well as reflect on your levels of awareness. Siobhan and Dan share their extensive personal experience and insights for you to reflect and learn from.   


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