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Connections With Debra Birks

September 17, 2020 Exec Reset Season 1 Episode 7
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Connections With Debra Birks
Show Notes

In this podcast Shabba talks to Debra Birks about connection. 

Debra shares her knowledge, experience and research to explore what true connection means and what it takes to feel connected to self and others. 

To get to connection, Debra explains how we need to first understand disconnection, exploring emotions like shame and what role vulnerability plays in getting connected.

Debra is Director and Founder of ANEWDAY, a successful Leadership development and Coaching practice. She has a career history spanning 30 years at executive & senior level mostly in sales and marketing and predominantly within the Media/Entertainment industries.

Debra is trained and certified in Dr. Brené́ Brown’s Dare To Lead™, an evidenced-based practical program building courage cultures and brave leaders – which she believes is the number #1 skill needed now. 

Fusing her business acumen and leadership expertise, with tools of positive psychology, and neuroscience, Debra weaves in her own life stories, with humour and wisdom, to challenge you with what it takes to be a brave leader and to create a culture of courage for yourself and your organisation. 

To get in touch with Debra, please contact

Links to information mentioned on podcast:

Brené Brown –

Book: Dare To Lead by Brené Brown

Program – Dare To Lead™ a courage-building workshop. Information available at Next program Virtual - Sept 29th 2020. Contact

Theresa Wiseman – Nursing Scholar (correction here, I said she’s from the US, meant to say from the UK). Brown has redefined it slightly from the original i.e. changed point 1 to perspective taking, and added a 5th called mindfulness.

Empathy publication by Theresa Wiseman.

Russell Brand and Brené Brown Youtube podcast here